Outsourced or in-house applications - Dataquad gets you covered

Develop long-term strategies for your application portfolio that yields an enormous business value, driven by existing applications while minimizing upkeep costs through application maintenance services.

Application transformation is now a need, not an option, for businesses.

Dataquad is an Application Managed Services provider that helps organizations reduce their development, testing and rollout time by adopting DevOps methodology.

Digital technologies provide businesses with a wealth of new prospects for innovation, creating efficiencies, enhancing quality, and enhancing the customer experience. For legacy enterprises seeking to compete with more data-centric and agile market entrants, the transition of incompatible old programs is now a top concern. 

Multi-cloud, coupled with new capabilities such as IoT, AI, Quantum-Inspired computing, and blockchain, offers a plethora of potential for the development of new goods, services, and business models. When moving to take advantage of these new technologies, the choice is whether to utilize multi-cloud, convert current apps, or construct new cloud-native applications. Dataquad can help you develop the optimal business application strategy, regardless of your industry, whether you’re looking to migrate, transform, or build. We rapidly assess your existing business applications, databases, business rules, and infrastructure using a combination of end-to-end frameworks, automated tools, and proprietary intellectual property before recommending a strategy and outlining the return on investment in terms of cost, risk reduction, and business value.

What Do We Do To Maintain And Refine Your Applications?

Activate deep scans for anomaly identification, localization, and correction using application management services tailored to the enterprise application’s application lifecycle management niche.

Migration Assistance

Construct robust movement frameworks with known application project management processes to enable secure data migration and seamless shifts to your new application, including infrastructure, ERP, and middleware.

Improved UX

Utilize optimal deliverables and fulfill client expectations with synergized application management services supporting short-release cycles that are closely matched with business outcomes for improved application life cycle management.

Component Monitoring

Monitor the performance metrics, tier readiness, and component readiness of servers, integration components, services, features, third-party APIs, and data badges. With cognitive issue management with cutting-edge analytics

SAP Application Management Services

Due to the fact that each client faces a unique set of application maintenance difficulties, our support model is naturally scalable. We support on-demand, short-term requirements, as well as the full outsourcing of your entire landscape.

Experience Matters

Our application-managed services team has extensive experience of the technology stack and industry that enables us to offer highly skilled, proficient technical solutions at an affordable price.

Dynamic Troubleshooting

We use AI to automatically identify the root cause of your issue and begin resolving it. Our team provides strategic automation, system administration and monitoring services as well as help desk support.

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