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The key to success is extracting maximum value from data, and this is precisely what Dataquad Inc. provides through its slew of services.

Data Engineer Your Data

DataQuad is the data engineering consulting firm that helps businesses and startups achieve operational excellence.

Most companies struggle to deliver timely insights due to various data platforms, lack of data trust, limited data knowledge, and inadequate computational resources. Data platforms provide customer insights. Without data engineering services, leaders can’t generate and accept insights. DataQuad’s data engineering services focus on decreasing the cost of ownership, eliminating technical debt, and enhancing long-term sustainability.

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Simplify your Data Engineering

DataQuad provides consulting services in the areas of big data, analytics, and machine learning.

Cloud Data Architecture

Today, it is crucial to construct and develop business data structures that are highly adaptable and easily accessible. Our Data Architects may assist your company in advance to the next level in terms of its data analytics foundation by combining their expertise with that of numerous huge corporations.

Modern Data Pipelines

Designing, creating, and executing production-grade end-to-end automated data pipelines. Both on-premises and in the cloud, the DataQuad data engineering consulting team has extensive expertise in implementing automated data pipelines.

Predictive Analytics Consulting

DataQuad's analytics consulting service transforms data into relevant information, ensures operational excellence, and gives you a competitive edge. Our strategic data analytics consultants have strong subject understanding across the complete data stack and aid businesses in weeks.

Data Migration

Seamless and reliable data movement from popular applications/locations without compromising data integrity. We know cost-effective ways to do this and can confidently serve firms with varying levels of process evolution. We assist organizations to achieve their goals and meet product needs.


We know numbers aren't everything and believe that properly presenting and communicating information offers the clearest message. We've gotten better at reporting over the years and have some of the greatest ways to visualize numbers for seekers. Highly experienced talent creates graphics for most market instruments. We embrace interactivity in our dashboards and attempt to be flexible so our clients may choose what visualizations they like best to view their data.


Math and technology are favorites. We have years of expertise using them both to solve some of the toughest industry problems. We adore statistical prediction but also value interpretability. We aim for the most accurate forecasts, but also prioritize precision and recall. We know all models are incorrect, yet some can be useful.

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