Servicenow Platform Solutions Enables You To Build Your Own Apps

ServiceNow consulting services simplify corporate processes by digitising and streamlining day-to-day operations.

ServiceNow Platform Solutions Help You Establish A Digital Foundation

Dataquad is here to make all of your business worries disappear. We offer turn-key solutions for both small and large companies.

Our expert’s aid businesses in building digital workflows for the workplace of the future. We will automate and enhance your information technology (IT), customer, and employee operations by using the ServiceNow Platform’s capabilities. Dataquad enables you to maximize productivity, reduce complexity, and thrive in the new digital landscape, despite the hardship.

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In order to maintain a scalable, user-friendly workflow methodology, our accredited consulting team employs agile and best project methodologies in conjunction with service NOW automation software.

ServiceNow Application Development

Implementation programs give the necessary enhancements to your ServiceNow strategy so that you may derive the most value from its use. We provide ServiceNow production and configuration services, backed by years of hands-on experience with the ServiceNow application so that you can further streamline your team's operations and enhance your company's workflows.


Dataquad provides ServiceNow advisory services that introduce customers to their IT structures and architecture, enabling a rapid response to IT process disruptions, mitigating the negative consequences of infrastructural changes, and assisting in optimizing IT support costs.

IT Service Administration

Today, ITSM involves considerably more than service problem management. Users can take control of their experience by gaining access to information or resolving problems as rapidly as possible.

Customer Service Administration

We offer a seamless digital experience that encourages self-service, reduces costs, and fosters brand loyalty. We are familiar with the clientele. We assist our clients in selecting an integrated service platform that meets customer requirements. We simplify multitasking.

Human Resource Management

It takes HR into the 21st century by enabling individuals from any place or device with experiences in line with consumer expectations, ultimately increasing employee engagement, output, and brand loyalty.

Develop Your Own Apps

ServiceNow's administration features enable the creation of custom applications without prior programming knowledge. Start-up requires simply a contemporary web browser and a few minutes.

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